Marjorie Hildebrandt is the music teacher at Horace Mann Elementary School in Lakewood Ohio.  Her students participated in a funky “flash mob dance” performance at the closing school assembly of the 2009 school year to the popular song “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.  VINCI Consulting associate Janet Vinciguerra taught the messages of the newly created lyric containing messages of good character.  Students take responsibility, strive for excellence and live life “The Horace Mann Way”.  Hear what she has to say.

Elisa Felici music director for Bay Presbyterian Church, choreographed the new song and instructed the students on the movements to this fun “flash mob dance” routine.  Students loved to rock out with the popular music, meaningful lyric and crazy dance moves.  Hear her comments on what makes this method to engage students so unifying and special, benefiting from the synergy created by many students coming together.