Build Character & Confidence in Your Child And Give Yourself Peace of Mind

 Janet Vinciguerra
I give you the blueprint to raise responsible, children who practice
integrity and good character
even when no one’s watching.

Build Character with STAR Qualities ©

• Build Competence with life skills

• Build Compassion with kindness

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↓Meet Janet Vinciguerra ↓

the Architect of Building Character & Confidence in Kids

Janet gives the blueprint to build strong children with just the right tools

Would you like to reinforce the champion leader character skills in your children to

  • Resist the negative outside influences of the world and lead with integrity?

  • See a better work ethic, attitude, and motivation in your kids?

  • Discover skills that shift your position from parent nag to parent coach?

  • Make integrity and unity a part of the fabric of your family that continues into adulthood?

  • Put down their cell phones and look at your face?

    “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

    ~Frederick Douglass

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3 Great Ways to Help Your Children at Home

Empower your child with these books that build relational, leadership, and communication skills to navigate life and intentionally practice healthy habits. The EQ skills are the learned social, emotional, and relational skills we appreciate in people.

Download activity bundles and helpful resources to teach your children to become resourceful problem solvers, build people skills to enjoy positive relationships, and create and live by family values that bring clarity, unity and integrity.

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Janet has over 30 years of
teaching experience and relatable knowledge to share with her audience.

Books to Empower Your Children

Tools to Build Great Kids is the resource to build champion leaders empowered to…

  • Be resourceful problem solvers
  • Build people skills to enjoy positive relationships
  • Create and live by family values that bring clarity, unity and integrity

Sharpen Their Saw is the companion book to Tools to Build Great Kids.  It is full of fun activities that help families connect and boost their relationship, leadership & problem-solving skills.

Interactive * Intentional * Fun

The Just the Right Tools Activity Bundles help children
practice good character

Which STAR Quality would you like to build STRONGER in your child?

Respect * Responsibility * Leadership Mindset * Trustworthiness
Generosity * Kindness * Self-control & Manners * Priorities
Excellence * Family Unity * Best Friend Invitation to Christ

These customized bundles of activities are designed to help you develop each STAR Quality in your child.  Discover all 10-character building bundles HERE that will nurture, encourage and build great kids with confidence. You give ‘em Just the Right Tools and experience the smile on your face when you hear them say: “Hey Mom… what can I do to help”?

One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is that wise voice within them to make good choices even when no one’s watching.

The greatest gift your children will give you is knowing they have your family values that live beyond you and pass to the next generations.

Read more for success strategies with character-building family activities.

Just as with any prescription, to build strong character, life’s challenges will teach them. The advantage of having just the right tools is how it propels them forward with character building strategies that will play in their minds like a contagious song. You leave your legacy of love and integrity.

Using Tools to Build Great Kids, and the companion book, Sharpen Their Saw;
Read it, Say it, Write it, Do it, then enjoy the boost in their good character that shines through with the mindset of a champion.

Congratulations parents!

Putting yourself as your child’s coach and advocate, puts you in a position that allows them to strive for the target, offering grace and forgiveness when they fail and learn from life’s challenges. There are no perfect parents and there are no perfect kids.  Hats off to you, for modeling and inspiring your children and making an impact as a force for good in the world.


How do I receive these activity pages?

Go to this website store to see the content of each attribute. Bundles contain 5-9 activities to participate with family. All bundles are downloadable files. No bundles will be mailed. Value tip: Each bundle is $17 OR receive ALL activity pages within the full color companion book, Sharpen Their Saw for $33 at Book Shop. Receive your copy within 5-7 business days.

How will I know what to do with the activity pages?

Support for parents is included with tips for how to participate together as a family. In addition, the book Tools to Build Great Kids, is available at Book Shop as well as Amazon and online at many popular book stores.

My family is so busy, how will we find the time for one more thing?

  • These intentional family habits become a part of the fabric of your day.
  • The use of these tools yields a return-on-investment ROI and multiplies your time.
  • You experience less stress, more cooperation, and a healthier version of your child.

Experience the harvest of your efforts when you apply these best practices and experience happier, more resilient, confident, generous, trustworthy children, with family values to make wise choices.  Priorities determine how time is found and spent.

It’s easier to build strong children than repair broken men.
Frederick Douglass

Are there any other resources that will help my child to build character and confidence?

Yes, the companion book Sharpen Their Saw is available with 150 full color pages full of proven activities to intentionally build great kids. CLICK HERE to discover details.

Where do I start?

Just as in building a house with a strong foundation, so too the foundation for children is to begin with The IT FACTOR bundle. All other bundles can be selected as you customize Just the Right Tools for the needs of your family.

Is there any further support for parents?

Yes, discover the Just the Right Tools Video Library with how-to tips for parents HERE – AVAILABLE July 1st.
The Facebook Group: Just the Right Tools to Build Great Kids is a source of information from Janet V. and support from fellow parents
The Tuesday Tips for Parents on the Run is a weekly blog to support and encourage you. (Available summer 2022)

Invite Janet To Speak

In Today’s Culture, how do you counter the many difficult influences that impact character and confidence in kids?

How do you respond to the many challenges like peer pressure, bullying, selfishness, and crazy emotions?

Do you want to know one thing to do to help your child have the confidence to win with people, the strength to resist bad choices and the good character to earn privileges?

Would you like to have the peace of mind to know that your child is making good choices even when no one’s watching and has the integrity that he passes to the next generation?

Speaking Topics

3 Ways to Give Your Child the IT Factor that Builds Character, Competence and Compassion.

Everybody wants the IT FACTOR!
Parents want IT.
Teachers need IT.
Life demands IT

10 Tools To Build Character & Confidence in Kids and Peace-of-Mind for Parents.

Develop the mindset of a Champion Leader with the skills to overcome adversity in your child and seek solutions to challenges. 

Discover the Power of the Family Touchstone.

A Step by Step Guide to Build Unity, Clarity and Integrity

Give them the wise voice within to make good choices, even when no one’s watching.

Invite Janet to Tell You About…

The “IT FACTOR” is what you notice in the guy that makes you think “That kid’s got IT!”

Janet reveals Three Awesome Ways to Give Your Child the “IT FACTOR”!


  • He’s the one with the friendly “can-do” attitude that makes him likable

  • She’s the one who has integrity to hold true to her word and the positive energy that leads others

  • They are the ones you’d like to hire or hang out with your kids

    Discover simple strategies to build CHARACTER, with 50 Star Qualities of Champion Leaders, develop COMPETENCE with activities that encourage responsibility and boost your child’s COMPASSION for others.  Parents  notice a marked boost of CONFIDENCE in their children and Peace of Mind P.O.M. for themselves and others.

Invite Janet V to give you Just the Right Tools to build the IT FACTOR…

10 Tools to Build Character & Confidence in Kids and Peace of Mind for Parents

Janet Vinciguerra provides the system to the solution to HOW to Build Strong Children who have the wise voice within them to make good choices even when no one’s watching. You’ll discover simple strategies within this SYSTEM to

  • Build CHARACTER and CONFIDENCE from within, with the 50 STAR Qualities of Champions
  • Gain the MOTIVATION to CARE about their reputation and self-respect
  • Shift from a self-centered mindset to one that’s for OTHERS
  • BE a PEACEMAKER; first to Humble, self-Inspect and HOW to apologize
  • Discover the 5 Keys to a PURPOSE DRIVEN Life.
  • Focus on the essential elements of the Blueprint to Build Strong Families who care, and value priorities and boundaries.
  • Shift from a self-centered mindset to one that’s for OTHERS.
  • Be a PEACEMAKER; first to Humble, self-Inspect and HOW to apologize.It’s a golden moment when you hear your child say, “Mom, What can I do to help?”

Integrity …. Pass it on.

A step by step guide to design your

Family Touchstone for

a happy home where people care.

Janet is available for 90 minute interactive workshops to help with families / groups to implement the leadership strategies for long-term effect

  • Build your custom designed family statement of excellence that serves as a Vision and Mission statement for your family.
  • Begin with 10 minutes a day to build respect and responsibility using the Word A Day Vitamins that build Champion Leaders.
  • Finish with your seven core values that matter most to your family and experience loyalty, clarity and integrity.

Invite Janet for an Interactive Group Workshop

Give your group just the right tools to build unity, clarity and integrity.

Contact Janet for details

More about Janet

Get to know Janet...

Janet Vinciguerra, 30-year teacher shares her expertise of true stories from the classroom. What started the school year with disrespectful, unmotivated kids turned to helpful, caring students, motivated with relationships to be Champion Leaders with the mindset to overcome adversity. She’s a national public speaker and the author of Tools to Build Great Kids and companion activity book, Sharpen their Saw.

Janet gives hope to parents by helping families discover, practice, and celebrate as champion leaders. This intentional, proactive approach to developing the emotional intelligence, EQ, results in children who are more self-confident, self-motivated, respectful, responsible, and happy. She cares about kids and wants to empower them to make wise choices, even when no one’s watching.

MA in Guidance and Counseling * Teacher * Author * Speaker * Songwriter * Champion Leader Coach for Kids * Consultant to Parents * Presenter: National Character Conference

Leave your strong legacy...

To feed the 5000 with Just the Right Tools to Build Great Kids and experience the integrity and honor that results from living true to the carefully crafted Family Touchstone. The  expectations for excellence and integrity are based on a strong foundation of family values and priorities established within God’s truth. It gives children the wise voice within that helps them make decisions and stand strong to the truth. It lives on as your family legacy that passes to future generations as you leave your thumbprint on their hearts.

Why we exist...

Roots & Wings exists to provide encouraging resources and support for the purpose of planting good character habits in children, teens, and families. The results are healthy relationships within families that bring unity, loyalty and integrity to others and honor to God.

More About Your Child

Would you expect a good ride on this broken tire?

  • Help your Child with Self Awareness

  • What are his strengths?

  • How can he grow stronger?

    • Improve your family’s social and emotional skills.
    • Celebrate trustworthy, self-motivated, self-confident kids
    • Gain peaceful conflict resolution skills
    • Change from negative thinking to a Champion Leader mentality
    • Gain skills to experience opportunity in adversity
    • Develop compassion and empathy for others
    • Build family unity, loyalty, and integrity
    • Equip your children to stand strong to their family values

Discover your child’s strengths and gain insights to help him grow stronger.

Move from Asleep to Aware to Action