What is an EQ POWER Thinker?

EQ POWER Thinkers Think, Act and Communicate effectively. Powerless Moments are ineffective ways to think. Does your child spend most of his time as an EQ POWER Thinkers or with Powerless Moments?


  • Demonstrates MANNERS and SOCIAL / RELATIONSHIP skills.

  • Can turn adversity into opportunity.  POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

  • Avoids excuses, justification and blame.  RESPONSIBLE. 

  • Keeps a promise.  Can be TRUSTED.  Values relationships over the “Win.”

  • Gets beyond roadblocks; is RESOURCEFUL.

  • Is aware to H.A.L.T. ON DECISIONS when Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.

  • Shoots for EXCELLENCE rather than “good enough”.

  • Demonstrates evidence of DILIGENCE.  (Not lazy)

  • Sets goals and works toward them. Life-Long Learner to better his BEST.

  • Uses intentional skills to SOLVE conflict and make peace.

  • Has an apology that includes “restitution” & the INTEGRITY to make it right.

Powerless Thinking

  • Insists on being RIGHT with no regard for possible error.

  • Remains NEGATIVE and BLIND to creating his own solutions.

  • BLAMES other people or situations for disappointments.

  • Is SELF-FOCUSED without regard for others’ feelings and needs.

  • Uses ineffective NEGATIVE THINKING that holds him back; anger, resentfulness, procrastination, negativity, is reactive, judgmental.

  • Takes on the “VICTIM” role as if life is happening TO him.

  • Uses excuses, and justification to avoid RESPONSIBILITY.

  • Lacks the life skills to be ORGANIZED and use effective METHODS.

  • Self-critical and demonstrates lack of SELF-CONFIDENCE.

  • Is UNAWARE of his own power to change.

What is Your Child’s EQ Score?

A Person’s IQ is like the back wheel on a bike. It’s a person’s intellect. It drives and powers a person to be School Smart or Business Smart to go the distance.
A Person’s EQ is like the front wheel on the bike. It steers and guides the ride. It’s a person’s Emotional Intelligence: his People Smart skills or ability to get along with people, to communicate effectively and to solve problems.

You Can’t Fix it if You Don’t Know it’s Broken.

What’s the condition of your child’s EQ? If you knew your bike was broken, would you choose to ride it without repair?

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Help Your Child Think Like an EQ POWER Thinker?

Give your son or daughter the Emotional Tools (E.Q.) to think like an EQ POWER Thinker that results in children and teens who are:

•  Self-Confident
•  Self-Motivated
•  Respectful
•  Responsible
•  Happy

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