About Janet Vinciguerra

• MA in Guidance and Counseling • EQ POWER Thinker Coach, Author, Song Writer, Speaker • Character Education Consultant to Schools • Presenter: National Character Conference

Janet Vinciguerra gives hope to parents in the trenches by helping families to discover, practice and celebrate EQ POWER Thinking.  This intentional proactive approach to developing the EQ, Emotional Intelligence, results in children who are more self confident, self-motivated, respectful, responsible and happy.

Janet’s 30 years of classroom experience with strategies that make a difference both at school and at home bring tangible results that give parents the ability to build strong character and life skills in their children.  She empowers young people to make wise choices…  even when no one’s watching.

Families come together with the interactive use of 10 Tools (concepts) to help children be their best self and prepare for the “real world”.  She cares about kids and wants to give them the tools to BE EQ POWER Thinkers.

  • 15 Years as President of VINCI Educational Consulting: Character Education Consultant to Schools to accomplish the 11 Principles of Character Education www.character.org
  • 15 Years Experience as Speaker and Presenter at schools throughout Ohio
  • 3 Years as National Presenter at the Character Education Partnership Conventions
  • 3 Distinctions as Teacher Award Winner
  • Lyricist:  “The Top 20 Way”
  • Author: 
    • 1.  Oxygen for Teachers
    • 2.  The Conflict Resolution Toolbox
    • 3. The Adventures of Marshall and Benjamin Moose

Purpose Statement  

To Help Families Rise to a Higher Level.  To build family integrity by creating a culture of Respect, Responsibility and Leadership that is intentional and effective.  To support parents in their common parental passion to give their children the moral compass to “do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.”

Mission Statement  

To support parents and those who lead children by providing resources to build strong children who are able to think, act and solve problems like EQ POWER Thinkers.  These skills will result in children and teens who are more self confident, self-motivated, respectful, responsible and happy.  “It’s better to build strong children than to repair teens.”

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